Cape Town


Extreme Sports Christmas

It’s official. Even though it’s only November, I’m stuck for Christmas gift ideas.

I’m afflicted the same brain-drain every silly season. Last year I got socks for my brother, jocks for my boyfriend and a tie for my dad. The year before, it was the exact same gifts, but just different recipients. In theory this could work as a tri-annual rotation, but as we gather together at Christmas time, my pathetic ploy has been exposed and now I’m left racking my brains for the ultimate Christmas present.

The boys are obsessed by cars – so I think that something to do with either off road driving or 4x4 driving might be a goer. They would love to get out there on an extreme adrenaline-packed motorsport experience, so I think a driving gift voucher for the lot of them will certainly bring about some Christmas cheer!

And now something for my mum… Something that says thanks for all the years of hard work, bringing my brother and I up, just the right way. Nothing conveys a sentimental “Mum, you are loved and appreciated” better than microlighting at 2000 feet, airborne with a bird’s eye view of the surrounding countryside.

I’m dreaming of an Extreme Sports Christmas, quite possibly dog-sledding in the snow… otherwise wakeboarding, aqua sphereing or bungee jumping… Hang on! This is becoming my own personal wish list!


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