Cape Town


The Township Tour
Half Day (Mornings)

R 320

Experience another facet of Cape Town, one revealed to very few tourists. This intimate interactive tour will expose you to some of Cape Town’s multi-cultural life – see how our spirit of Kanalah, Ubunthu and reconciliation is being played out by Capetonians.


  • District Six and Museum
  • Bo-Kaap
  • Manenberg
  • Cape Flats
  • Khayelitsha
Booking Information:

This is a positive and interactive tour, which will afford the visitor the opportunity to meet and speak to the local people. On arrival, tourists often discover that they did not understand the extent to which previous race classification laws fragmented our society. Many people who the visitor originally assumed were defined as black were in fact classified as Coloured or Indian and did not live in the townships but in other designated areas. We take our visitors into the Townships, but preserve the integrity of our tour by also introducing them to the traditional Malay Quarter known as Bo-Kaap as well as Athlone, Rylands and District 6. These areas were defined as Coloured areas with Rylands having being defined as an Indian area.

Our Guide:
Our guide is a specialist guide who was a member of a disadvantaged community and is highly knowledgeable of the areas, their people, history and politics.

This tour is offered preferentially as a morning tour but is also offered as an afternoon tour on request.

The District 6 Museum:
Entrance fee included. Here, District 6, as it was up to 40 years ago, has been depicted with artefacts and an extensive photographic portrayal of life as it was during the pre-apartheid years.

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